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Invisible Notes: The digital art and poetry of Peter Ciccariello. I have been in awe of Peter's work for years and it just gets better and better. His is a unique way of working and the site is well worth the visit. There you'll also find a link to his experimental photography.

For The Sake of...: Meg is another friend whose art has blossomed over the years. I think the best description of this site comes from Meg herself:

These pages are dedicated to all who have known the furtive shadows of an abusive childhood environment, and to the healing magic of our creative spirits.

This compilation of my visual, literary and performing art was created within a therapeutic realm of myth and fairy tales.
The collection, entitled Of Nettles and Deliverance,documents a sixteen month journey and how the fairy tales I clung to as a child held the key to my own transformation.

Flepotronic Art of Jan Ternald: Jan Ternald is an outstanding artist! Surreal and wonderful, the entire site is rich with fantasctic images. Jan is one of my favorite artists! Be warned, though…there are no thumbnails! Each page is a wonderous surprise. Get your cup of tea or coffee and settle in for an enjoyable experience.

Flame Warriors: This is just one part...but my favorite part, of the work of MIke Reed. These are humorous drawings of, Flame Warriors. These are, to put it in Mike's words, "...some of the main belligerents one might encounter in a mailing list, news group, bulletin board or chat room. The internet can be cruel and unforgiving, and those who wander out onto the battlefield would be well advised to know their enemies." Get yourself a cuppa and settle in for lots of laughs when you go here. Take some time to explore the rest of Mike's site, too. He does fantastic children's books.

David Ho: Another artist that knocks my socks off. I've got several of David's prints and his work inspires me.

Eric J. Heller Gallery: Here is are inspired by that which we cannot directly view. See images of electron flows, quantum random waves, quantum modes and analogs, quasi classical and quantum scars and more. The beauty of these just knocks my socks off.

Seegmiller Art: Don Seedmiller is well-known for his work done in Painter as well as his book, "Character Design and Digital Painting". A fine artist, his work, whether oils or digital is well worth the visit. He has prints of some of his stuff for sale, too, at very reasonable prices. The link takes you directly to his table of contents.

Steve Danzig: Steve states: "My work in part questions our social matrix via religious ideology, sexual identity, "reality" and how we process these experiences to establish and understand "truth".
. . .It explores philosophically archetypal metaphor highlighting specific themes on self.

Nude Illusion and BodyScape are two of the Galleries of award winning photographer, Laurie Jeffery. FRPS. I particulary like the Bodyscape gallery, and Lauire has kindly given me permission to use her photography in my work.

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