I have traveled to Japan on four different occasions. Three of the trips were taken with my martial arts teacher Stephen K. Hayes and 10 - 12 friends who were also involved in the study of ninjutsu. I'd like to share some of the photos with you.

Tokyo Area - The Kaminarimon Gate and Tokodaji Temple.
Togakushi/Togakure - This is the area that my martial art ryu is named after.
Ninja Village - Near Togakushi, a Japanese Children's Amusement Area.
Iga-Ueno - The White Phoenix Castle and Ninja in Pink.
Koyasan - Headquarters of Shingon Buddhism.
Passing Through - A few photos of Mt. Hiei and Nara.
Noda City - Home of Ninja Grandmaster Masaaki Hatsumi.
Yoshino - Home of the Yamabushi.
Ninjutsu Memories - Old Photos from various events in the U.S.
Ninjutsu Dojo Links - Do your homework.

There are a lot of photos and although I have tried to keep file sizes down, there has to be a line between small fast-loading pages and being able to see what the photograph is of. Some images, like the map of the Togakushi area, is larger and so will take longer to load. I have tried to keep the numbers of photos per page down so you won't have to go out and fix dinner while you're waiting.
. . . .Our trips were always of the non-tourist sort. We would arrive in Tokyo, and then head off into areas where we seldom saw any other non-Japanese touists (or any sign written in roman letters save Coke). The areas we visited had to do with the history of the ninja of feudal Japan, and, since the ninja were involved with it, Tendai and Shingon (esoteric Buddhism, called Mikkyo in Japan) temples.
. . . .We had fun, and sometimes were a tourist attraction in our own right as we practiced ninjutsu on the grounds outside of temples.

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