Listed below are the various art galleries on this site. In the latest revamp of the site I've decided to stop trying to figure out which of my images are Fantasy and which fit better into Mystical, Spirit, or what-have-you, and to instead just divide things up by the month they were finished.

I should mention here that all not all images were done at a high enough resolution to print, but if you are interested please send me an email and ask about it.

AS TIME PASSES - work done each month in 2007
AS TIME PASSES - work done each month in 2006
PHOTOGRAPHY - photographs from beyond the fence
COMMISSIONED WORK - magazine ads and covers for catalogs, CD's, and books.
NON-DIGITAL - a small collection of my non-digital work.
THE STUDIO - a few photos of the crowded room I call a studio.

 The greyscale chart above should help you adjust the brightness and contrast on your monitor. You should be able to make out each box from one end of the chart to the other.

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