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My desire, with these "Beyond the Fence" pages, is to provide interesting, unusual, or pleasant things to look at. I make no pretense at being a great photographer. If there is something here that you think you might like a print of, please send me an email and we'll see what we can figure out.

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Red Squirrel Critters: Here you can find not only the four-legged cuties but birds and insects, also.
Morning Glory Seedpods Flora, Seeds, & Pods: Pretty much what it says. Most of the images are flowers, both domestic and wild, but there are a few seedpods (as the morning glory seeds shown here), too.
Vegetables & Fruits: I often notice, while preparing dinner, how beautiful some of the produce is. Most of these were photographed in the kitchen, but I'm adding some wild things, too.
Fungus: Elusive quarry that I seldom go out seeking (so, alas, seldom with a camera along) but finding some is always a delight. Who cares about the odd looks from other hikers as a sit or sprawl on the ground trying to get a good angle on a wee mushroom?
Scenic: It's amazing, all things considered, that I don't have more recent photos that are scenic. This may be partly because so many of my photos are pre-digital camera and I've been putting off scanning my slides for years.
Arty: Images that have been filtered or otherwise manipulated.

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