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On October 14th, 1988 we awoke to snow! Most of us were not prepared for snow, which was quite unusual in October,so the hike upward was not only cold, but rather damp. In this photo Stephen K. Hayes points out a feature while James Husfelt, who earned my nickname of "Mad Peruvian Shaman" because of the bright Peruvian pancho he wore, and the others look on.

While wet and cold, the sight of Okusha in the snow was worth it. To the left is yet another photo of myself and Stephen in front of the shrine. You can see that the wind was blowing rather strongly.


To the left is another photo of the shrine before the snow got too tracked-up.

The hike back down was an exercise in balance as the packed-down snow had turned to ice. My smooth-soled shoes were particularily bad, and I remember that as I was clinging to something trying not to fall, the Mad Peruvian Shaman took my sleeve and said he'd help me. He then began to run. Well, I ran, too, scared out of my wits right up until I started having fun. I ran all the way back down.

When everyone got to the bottom we descended en masse on a local noodle shop were we got warm, dry, and fed.

Tokyo 2 / Togakushi 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6 / 7 / 8 // Ninja Village